Green Cleaning with Baking Soda

Cleanliness is a must- right? All of us have the best intentions when we start cleaning every nook and corner of the house. Believing, that cleanliness keeps us healthy and safe, we put all our efforts from buying to using the best cleaning products. But with conventional cleaning products, we may be bringing home more disease than we are trying to get rid of.

Have you ever experienced teary eyes, headaches, itchy throat or itchy hands after cleaning your toilet? These are all the symptoms associated with the chemicals found in the household cleaners. Most cleaners we use today contain development and reproductive poisons and carcinogens. Some of these cleansers cause asthma. The use of conventional household cleaning, as provided by American Thoracic Society, these sprays increase the risk of asthma and throat problems. Furthermore, these cleaners often contaminate the water, air and soil of the environment in which they are manufactured. Cleaners that contain phosphates cause “dead zones” in streams and lakes.

Provided that, let us go back to our grandma’s time where cleaning with natural products was not only more cost effective, but healthier and safer. One of the most commonly found kitchen ingredient is baking soda, which by the way, is the best natural cleaner.

What does baking soda do?

Cleanses the soap scum from bathtubs and shower

Brightens and cleanses the sink

Removes grime from faucets

Cleanses oven

Scrubs away the wall marks

It removes shoe odor

Brightens the stainless steel without scratching it

Prevents cat litter from getting stinky

Is a healthy power detergent boost which also reduces chemical effects of the detergents

Deodorizes the water bottles Removes toilet stains

using baking soda for cleaning

How to use baking soda?

The good news about the baking soda cleaning recipe is that there is only 1 recipe. You can use this to perform all the above mentioned actions.

Combine an equal quantity of lemon/vinegar with baking soda. For greater efficiency add half cup liquid soap in half cup water, 2 tablespoon vinegar and 3 cups of baking soda. Use this mixture to clean toilets and stubborn wall stains.

It is best to allow the mixture to stay on the desired cleaning spot for 5 minutes for best results

Benefits of Green Cleaning

1. Healthier air:

Eco-friendly cleaning companies claim that the best of all benefits of green cleaning is the healthier air it promotes. Many cleaning products rich in chemicals contribute to air contamination that can cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions, skin abnormalities, and other behavioral problems. Cleaners used in unventilated small spaces such as toilets and kitchens, breathing in these toxins becomes extremely dangerous. Baking soda, on the other hand, is safer and healthier.

2. Healthier Environment:

Exposure of synthetic chemicals to the environment introduces bio active and novel opponents to the ecosystems resulting in mild to severe for the aquatic and terrestrial animals. Using natural products like baking soda makes it easier for the residential cleaning service to ensure a healthier environment. It prevents smog and other air contaminating compounds from developing pollution problems.

3. Cost-effective:

With natural cleaning products, you don’t have to worry about investing on expensive cleaning products. Home cleaning solutions like vinegar, baking soda and lemon are readily available kitchen products that require a small fraction of your investment. Green cleaners are easy to make and easy to use.

4. More knowledge

Scientists always say that having knowledge about the environment you are living in is the greatest gift. The most disturbing aspect of chemical cleaning is that you can never tell the degree of contamination they are causing. Being unaware of the impact they have on your health is scary. On the other hand, with environmentally friendly materials, you don’t have to worry about the surrounding and environment.

5. Safety

Children are always at the risk of poisoning themselves with chemical products. Although parents are always conscious of the placement of these products, you never know when children get their hand on them. Image your child confusing a fancy looking cleaner bottle with apple juice. The sweet smelling aroma could be deceptive for a child. With natural cleaners, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your child.

6. No unwanted smell

Regardless of how “rose like” smell these cleaners have, they could be disturbing. Nobody wants to have a strong chemical like smell in the house. Baking soda and other green cleaners leave absolutely no smell. Even if you use apple cider vinegar that has a mild apple like aroma, it would evaporate within 5 minutes as it is diluted in water.

Shifting from conventional cleaning to green cleaning is beneficial for you and your family. As a citizen too, we have a responsibility of keeping our environment safe and clean. If you would like to learn more about how to use baking soda around the house, please visit this site.